i'm about relationships, connections, moments. that going with your gut, doing something different, utterly real and ridiculously raw experience.

i'm crystal. i'm 28. born and raised in colorado, but for now you can find me in sydney, australia.

i have a degree in graphic design, and graduated from rocky mountain school of photography, focusing on wedding and lifestyle photography. i'm professional, i'm passionate, i'm friendly. i love jesus, chai lattes, and vintage things. i smile a lot, but laugh even more. i like to have a good time, i like to create. i've got a wild heart and hungry eyes, and i'm always ready for an adventure.


disclaimer: i'm not for everyone, nor do i want to be.

if there is anything that i have learned in the last year, is that i have a specific style/goal when it comes to my photography and i am going to stay true to that. i provide my best work when my clients trust me, and trust my art. when you hire me, you are more than a client, you are a friend.


i've been photographing for eight years, and i can't get enough.

photography isn't just a hobby to me. it's not something i do on the side while i work a 9-5 job during the week. photography is my heart and soul. i take it very seriously, and the i'm happiest when my camera is in my hands. i'm about quality over quantity. i wait for the perfect moment, and i capture it. just as it is.

above all, i just want to capture memories, moments. i want to photograph people as they are, and who they are. i want it to be real, raw, natural. i want people to feel something when they see my photos. feel joy, curiosity, love. i want to work with more creative people who want to do something different. i want to challenge myself with new environments. i want to do more, learn more, be more.

i want to breathe life into photography like it breathes life into me.



come back again.

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